Wyrd War

by Critical Theatre



Review of WYRD WAR by:
Soinoise Blog (soinoise.blogspot.com)
Tuesday, 27 September 2011
(translated badly from Polish)

...it is proper to remember, that I wrote about this group already, on their heights of Psych Burn. Now somewhat I desire to present earliest material. Noise. Though orthodox can not up to the end. Somewhere with from ambient, drone, or with certain even trace industrial.

But this music grows with certitude from idea of clean noise. There is gloomily, schizophrenic and in none too excessive rate properly suitable. Or it, I like that most. Sometimes work on rhythm bass, strange sounds release from, which lodge to head of [the] listener. And either it reflects me or moans denounce people in these sounds happen me hear. I do not say it often far too market, but something is in this music demoniac. Worrying.

It does not need group wall of sound and awful cries, in order to excite this strange affection at [the] listener. It achieves other center completely. I listen to and I see witches actually, old, horrid, around focal point dancing in the nude. Certainly, it lodge under tail satan all stupid earliest kiss. Something in this style. Very, very, very good and climatic material. I advice all, they search which in music idea. And all its own passion in accordance with evil.


released May 1, 2008

All tracks performed and recorded by Maxwell. Except 'Moloch, You Cannot Touch Her' features Samantha on bass guitar, vocals and bells. 'Moloch..' was recorded live in August 2007 in Portland, OR.
'CatLord' is dedicated to the 23 pound mystical Norwegian Forest Cat known as 'Grampa' 1989-2007.



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Critical Theatre Portland, Oregon

Conceived in February 2000 in California. Now home in Portland, Oregon. Ritual industrial noise musick. Primal exorcisms for cataclysmic purgings.

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